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Private Coaching & Instruction

1-on-1 instruction or coaching with Sebby. Improve a certain aspect of your golf in a private setting. Details here

Golf Schools

Learn in an intimate small group environment with likeminded players looking to improve. This is the ideal way to learn how to shoot lower scores!

Details: half-day, one-day & three-day schools


Custom Fitting & Callaway

Why guess when you can measure? World leading GC Quad to analyze your swing and build the perfect set of clubs for you. Details here

Coaching Weeks

Finish the season off right, extend the season just gone, or a mid-season break – either way, a coaching week will do wonders for your game. Details here

Simulator Play & Practice

Full simulator with FSX Play and GSPro for a stunningly realistic indoor experience. Why accept bad weather? Details here

Playing Lessons

Learn to improve your golf on the course. The only true way to improve. Details here

at-hena Electric Trolleys

Use your energy on your golf and not on pushing or pulling your cart. Swiss made trolleys with elegant design. Details here

Remote Coaching

FaceTime for a live lesson from your home or send Sebby swing videos for feedback and drills. Perfect for golfers on the go. Details here


Vision54 seminars, webinars, tournaments and more. Don’t miss out as spaces are limited. Details here