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at-hena Electric Trolleys


I am excited to announce my partnership with at-hena. A quality, Swiss-made, electric trolley means that you can spend all your energy playing better golf and not pulling, pushing or carrying your clubs. I have the PACE and SPIRIT models as demo-trolleys so instead of taking my word for it, give me a call and take one out for a test drive! You won’t be disappointed. Arrange a test drive: +41 76 442 8189

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at-hena Offer for May 2020


Exchange your old trolley for credit towards your brand new at-hena electric trolley. Offer lasts until the end of April. Take the chance to do something for your golf this upcoming season as you’re stuck indoors. 

If you would like to see any of the trolleys or arrange a test drive, please contact Sebby.

Why waste your energy on pulling or pushing your cart the next time you play!? Strike now and use that energy to have more fun on the course and play better golf.