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Paradym Drivers

A sure way to find more fairways and hit more BOMBS! Callaway has really outdone themselves this time and have the perfect driver for every player. Beginner, tour player or anything in between, we’ve got the right driver for you. Drop by The Golf Lounge to check them out or book an appointment for a fitting now.

We also carry all the latest irons, putters and wedges from Callaway to help fill any gaps in your current bag, or even start filling a brand new one…

Golf Balls

Playing the right ball for you can have a massive impact on your golf and your scores! To find out what ball you should be playing, click here. Once you know what ball is right for you, you can place your order with us and we’ll get the balls to you without delay. Available balls: SuperSoft (green, red, pink and white), ERC Soft, ChromeSoft and ChromeSoft X.

Looking for personalized balls for you or your business? See below!

Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized golf balls is the best way to promote your company on the golf course. Use them for gifts for your clients, play them yourself, sponsor tournaments with them and see them get “distributed” all over a golf course near you. People will instantly see your logo and want to know what it is. Put that logo on a good quality golf ball, and the player will associate your brand with quality right off the first tee.

Most golf balls from Callaway are available and the high quality printing means the logo won’t soon be lost. Give us a call or email us to see what ball option would be best for your company. We look forward to hearing from you!