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Super Sundays


Getting better at golf doesn’t just happen on the practice ground. To give more of my students a chance to come out on the golf course with me, I have decided to launch Super Sundays. Four hours before sunset, I will hit the course with maximum 4 students for 18 holes. This is a chance to improve your decision making, course management and learn how to shave strokes off your score. Get better in a hurry by joining like-minded players and learn how to play better golf on the golf course. I look forward to helping you realize your playing potential on the course. Bring a friend or your spouse!

Dates: 6.6, 27.6, 4.7, 25.7, 22.8 and 29.8

Cost: CHF 150 per person / per Sunday

Participants: min 3, max 4

Learn what it takes to play better golf on the golf course and have more fun than you’ve ever had before!